An overview of the first two weeks on Portable Phillosophy

If you are new to this blog or have missed a few posts, here's a list of the posts for the first two weeks.

Musical Time

Week one took up the question of Musical Time, its shape and texture.  

Hearing Musical Time

Musical Time Part 2 — Three of Bruce's Drummers

Musical Time Part 3 — Beyond the Drums

Musical Time Part 4 — Practice

Musical Time Part 5 — Texture

Bridges in song and elsewhere

Week two explored an element of song form and its analogs outside of music.

Song Bridges

Song Bridges Part 2 — Middle Eights

Song Bridges Part 3 — Film

Song Bridges Part 4 — Fiction

Song Bridges Part 5 — Building A Bridge

Bridges Part 6 — Stevie Wonder's "Creepin'"


A Little Kieslowski, too

Kieślowski's Wandering Man

Kieślowski and a Storyteller’s Awareness of the Audience’s Attention